Cassidy LeBlond: Portfolio


Face Masks

Ethically created using secondhand and sustainable materials


Sea to Sky Collection

A natural collection featuring boxy silhouettes and inspired design details. Traces of femininity sit alongside strong vertical lines. Created for the elevated Vancouverite's desire for a wearable sustainable wardrobe.

Photographer: Sammy Mika

Earrings: Gemma McCutcheon

Models: Lyndsey Paramo, Cassidy LeBlond


This vintage inspired office wear collection to bring some colour to the fluorescently lit world of cubicles and coffee. Classic 70’s Silhoettes mixed with a timeless parallel approach to colour, allows the wearer to feel fresh and on trend while simultaneously presenting as work appropriate.

Budapest Photoshoot
Photographer: Aly Barrett
Art Director: Annika Lautens
Designer: Cassidy LeBlond
Models: Kara Chebry, Rizell Duivenvoorden, Mahal De La Durantaye



Budapest Collection

Modern nostalgia lives in the seams of this collection. bright colours and natural elements trigger 1970's vibes into the wardrobe of the modern day working woman.



Boys in Bloom



Ryerson Musical Theatre Company

Perfect African Sunset.jpg

The Lion King

Ryerson Theatre Camp


Rubies Bra's